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Updates to SlySpyder Community!

You can login with your Facebook login. Or if you have a login already that you would like to associate it with a Facebook login you can do so. Just go here.

Profile Updates

Added more applications and changed some. Instead of My Reviews it’s now “Most Helpful Reviews” with your most helpful at the top. There is a Friend’s Location application now (default). Which shows all your friends on SlySpyder on a map, click the icon and clicking on their name will take you to their profile. You can also rate members on SlySpyder.

Have some ideas on what you want to review but don’t have time to do it at the moment. Make a note on your profile about it. This is only visible to you. Here is how you do it.

Profile Video

Those little avatars you see at profile pages, they are too common. Now you can sizzle up you profile page with a profile video! You can use any of the videos you have linked to the site. Just go to the video you wish to use on SlySpyder and click the “Set as profile video” and your set! Another place to set it is here. Change it as often as you’d like.

Other applications are:

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SlySpyder is now on Facebook!

Please head over to our Facebook Page and become a fan. All news from the blog here and new reviews from the main SlySpyder site will be posted on Facebook.

Once we get 25+ fans/likes I will giveaway at $25 Amazon Gift Card! Spread the word!

Make personal notes on what you want to review in your profile

Have an idea on what you want to review but don’t have time to review it right now? But don’t want to forget to review it later? Well now you have private field in your profile where you can make notes on what you what to review.

After your logged in, go to your profile. Then from the drop down menu go to:

Profile > Edit profile

Then scroll to the bottom and you’ll see this text “What I want to review on SlySpyder” and below that “Review Notes”. This is where you can make notes on what you want to review later. You have a 500 character limit in this text box. If you really need more room. Please let me know in the forum.

Big SlySpyder Giveaway!

This is the first SlySpyder giveaway and it’s a big one! I’ll be picking 3 winners. Prizes are listed below. You have until midnight on June 30th to get your raffle entries in.

Grand Prize

$100 Amazon Giftcard

2nd Place

$75 Amazon Giftcard

3rd Place

$50 Amazon Giftcard

For more details on how to enter, please see this post.

SlySpyder has a new forum!

I finally got around to installing a good forum for us to use at SlySpyder.com

You can access it here. It’s pretty nice, here are some of the features:

  • Embed various videos from across the web
  • Any forum posts you make show up on the main site activity and on your profile activity.
  • Has a spoiler function
  • Ranks
  • Photo you upload in your main profile carries over to the forum
  • Shows active users and online users
  • Displays the points your earned by reviewing things on SlySpdyer

If you have people asking you questions about your review. It’s best to bring it over to the forum. Then just put a link to the topic you create (in this section) in your listing or review.

New SlySpyder.com Features You’ll Love!

Just wanted to give you a heads up on some great new features on SlySpyder!

On review listings with a address there is a embedded Google Map with street view in most cases! For some examples see this page. You can actually get directions right from that page too!

But the biggest upgrade is a great new social tool. You can add people as friends, create groups, send private messages to each other. Add photos, link videos and applications to your profile (for example: Playstation Network ID Card, Xbox Live Gamercard, Flickr Gallery, and more!), update your status, etc. There is now a global activity feed on the home page now. It’s pretty cool stuff, play with it and get used it more.

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