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Integrate Simple:Press Forum into the BuddyPress Activity Stream!

This will post new topics/replies from your Simple:Press Forum into the BuddyPress Activity stream and you can even filter it under “Show Forum Replies”. The view button will take you right to the permalink as well!

So let’s get started shall we. First off go to this file:


Then rename that file or made a copy and name it sf-hook-template.php

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[Update: Cubepoints 3] Integrate CubePoints into Simple:Press Forum | WordPress

Note: This is for CubePoints 3.0 and above

I’ve made this a little easier, no need to edit core files anymore. First do the following:

Find the file sf-hook-template.txt (simple-forum/forum/hooks/sf-hook-template.txt) and rename it to sf-hook-template.php. Save it in the same directory that sf-hook-template.txt was located in.

Search for this:

	  function sf_hook_post_save($newpost, $action)

Add this code right after that. The 25 is for how many points a new forum topic is worth and 5 is for a new reply in a existing topic.

	    global $current_user;
	     if ($action=="topic") {
	     	     cp_points('cp_spf_new_topic', cp_currentUser(), get_option('cp_spf_new_topic'), "");
	     if ($action=="post") {
	     	     cp_points('cp_spf_new_reply', cp_currentUser(), get_option('cp_spf_new_reply'), "");

Last step is saving extendcb.txt and renaming it as extendcb.php and placing it in this folder.


Then activate the module from the CubePoints Modules Page.

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