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Make personal notes on what you want to review in your profile

Have an idea on what you want to review but don’t have time to review it right now? But don’t want to forget to review it later? Well now you have private field in your profile where you can make notes on what you what to review.

After your logged in, go to your profile. Then from the drop down menu go to:

Profile > Edit profile

Then scroll to the bottom and you’ll see this text “What I want to review on SlySpyder” and below that “Review Notes”. This is where you can make notes on what you want to review later. You have a 500 character limit in this text box. If you really need more room. Please let me know in the forum.

Place CubePoints in the BuddyPress Profile and more | WordPress Plugin [Update]

[Update: It's now built into the plugin as of Version 1.6.1]

It shows the points the member has earned. Donate link and rank with image (if enabled).

Grab the CubePoints Buddypress Integration WordPress plugin here

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