Why would you want to Show a Hidden DIV after so many seconds, minutes? That’s up to you. Some examples I’ve seen is:

  • Sales Video and say 7 minutes into it a Opt-in form appears below the video.
  • A Buy Now Button appears after a while
  • Etc.

It’s pretty easy to set up actually. Place this before the closing head tag. I put in some notes in the code about how long it is for a second & minute.

<!-- Show magical div -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    function showIt() {
      document.getElementById("hid").style.display = "block";
// 1000 = 1 sec | 60000 is 1 minute
<!-- END Show magical div -->

Then add this to your body tag. This is where you put in how many seconds until your hidden DIV shows up. But do NOT put in a comma.

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