First you’ll need go Components > AlphaUserPoints then click on Plugins. Then you’ll unzip the files below which contain a .xml file. Then you upload 2 different .xml files. One is for creating points upon a new review listing. The other is for reviewing a existing item.


Next you’ll need to edit 3 files. Which sadly you’ll have to do every time you upgrade JReviews. So this is reference for me as well. This also prevents people from getting points just for editing a listing or review as well. First up is this file:


Search for this text:

The listing was successfully saved

Here is the original

                    $Routes = new RoutesHelper();
                    $Routes->params = $this->params;
                    $url = cmsFramework::route($Routes->content('',$listing,array(),'',false));
                    $update_text = $isNew ? __t("Thank you for your submission.",true,true) : __t("The listing was successfully saved.",true,true);
                    $update_html = "<a href=\"{$url}\">".__t("Click here to view the listing",true)."</a>";
                    $jsonObject = json_encode(compact('target_id','update_text','update_html'));
                    $response[] = '
                        var $parentForm = '.$parentFrame.'.jQuery(\'#jr_listingForm\');
                    return $this->makeJS($response);

Modified with AlphaUserPoints Integration:

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