It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve had the Stella Sidecar combo. I noticed the suspension rings had small cracks in them. So I decided to replace them before they broke while I had a passenger in there.

To remove them you will need to remove 6 nuts from the bottom of the side car. Which is easy to get to from underneath. You can leave the bolts in place. After that I just used a small jack stand to prop up the sidecar enough so the bolts don’t touch anything.

Now you can just slide off the suspension rings and a strip of metal that they attach to all in one piece so to speak. Takes a little effort, but isn’t hard to get off at all.

Remove the old suspension rings and put on the new ones, just pay attention how they came off. It’s pretty easy.

Now the harder part, you’ll need some strength for this part. I did this alone, but it would be easier with 2 people.

Got 2 on already

Place the suspension ring on one side of the metal tubing of the side car frame. Then you are going to stretch the rubber band onto the other side.

I used a large channel lock tongue & grove pliers to squeeze the suspension ring on the side that isn’t on the side car yet to make it expand. Then I grabbed onto the steal strip and leaned back to fit it onto the metal tubing on the other side.

After you get it on both sides. Just slide it up into place, so they line up as close as possible to the bolts. Rinse an repeat 2 more times.

The sidecar is only connected to the frame in 2 main places. In the back where the suspension rings are and the front with 4 bolts. You’ll want to loosen the bolts in the front. The bolts are where the passenger places his/her feet. Just loosen them, do NOT remove them all the way.

The reason for removing them is to get the bolts lined up in the back where the suspension rings are. When you loosen the bolts in the front it will move side to side a little now.

Now lower your jack stand or jack so the bolts are just hovering over but not touching the metal strips that the suspension rings are connected to. Now you’ll have slide the suspension rings a little to get the bolts lined up.

You can get to the bolts from the top. There are 4 in the trunk and 2 under the backrest. Which just removes by sliding it up. Nothing is holding it in place.

After you feel you got it all lined up, slowly lower the sidecar down and tighten everything down where the suspension rings are, then tighten up the bolts you loosened near the front of the sidecar and your good to go!

Have fun scootering!

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