Just wanted to give you a heads up on some great new features on SlySpyder!

On review listings with a address there is a embedded Google Map with street view in most cases! For some examples see this page. You can actually get directions right from that page too!

But the biggest upgrade is a great new social tool. You can add people as friends, create groups, send private messages to each other. Add photos, link videos and applications to your profile (for example: Playstation Network ID Card, Xbox Live Gamercard, Flickr Gallery, and more!), update your status, etc. There is now a global activity feed on the home page now. It’s pretty cool stuff, play with it and get used it more.

Think of it like a SlySpyder Facebook. Speaking of facebook, you can actually tie your existing account to a Facebook login! New members can create an account just by using there existing Facebook login!

Want to review something, but don’t feel like doing the review right away? You can create a review listing without entering a review. This way you can come back and review it at your leisure.

Did you eat at a restaurant and want tell others how great it was or in some cases how bad is was? SlySpyder is a great place to do that. You can even promote your own products/services etc. Just get your customers to do a review for you. Get it started by creating a listing for yourself.

Just a reminder your review can be on ANYTHING you want, anywhere in the world. If there isn’t a appropriate category, just put it in misc. Invite your friends and start reviewing today!

SlySpyder.com Review Team

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