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Place CubePoints in the BuddyPress Profile and more | WordPress Plugin [Update]

[Update: It's now built into the plugin as of Version 1.6.1]

It shows the points the member has earned. Donate link and rank with image (if enabled).

Grab the CubePoints Buddypress Integration WordPress plugin here

Show a Hidden DIV After a Set Amount of time

Why would you want to Show a Hidden DIV after so many seconds, minutes? That’s up to you. Some examples I’ve seen is:

  • Sales Video and say 7 minutes into it a Opt-in form appears below the video.
  • A Buy Now Button appears after a while
  • Etc.

It’s pretty easy to set up actually. Place this before the closing head tag. I put in some notes in the code about how long it is for a second & minute.

<!-- Show magical div -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    function showIt() {
      document.getElementById("hid").style.display = "block";
// 1000 = 1 sec | 60000 is 1 minute
<!-- END Show magical div -->

Then add this to your body tag. This is where you put in how many seconds until your hidden DIV shows up. But do NOT put in a comma.

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SlySpyder has a new forum!

I finally got around to installing a good forum for us to use at

You can access it here. It’s pretty nice, here are some of the features:

  • Embed various videos from across the web
  • Any forum posts you make show up on the main site activity and on your profile activity.
  • Has a spoiler function
  • Ranks
  • Photo you upload in your main profile carries over to the forum
  • Shows active users and online users
  • Displays the points your earned by reviewing things on SlySpdyer

If you have people asking you questions about your review. It’s best to bring it over to the forum. Then just put a link to the topic you create (in this section) in your listing or review.

Friends List Count Inaccurate | JomSocial | Joomla

If your having an issue with your JomSocial friend count showing inaccurate numbers. Run this in your phpMyAdmin when site traffic is low. Be sure to back up your database before you run this just in case.

UPDATE jos_community_users SET
friendcount =  (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM jos_community_connection AS a
INNER JOIN jos_users AS b ON a.connect_to =
WHERE a.connect_from = jos_community_users.userid
AND a.STATUS = 1);

Thanks to the support guys at Jomsocial for helping me correct this.

[Update: Cubepoints 3] Integrate CubePoints into Simple:Press Forum | WordPress

Note: This is for CubePoints 3.0 and above

I’ve made this a little easier, no need to edit core files anymore. First do the following:

Find the file sf-hook-template.txt (simple-forum/forum/hooks/sf-hook-template.txt) and rename it to sf-hook-template.php. Save it in the same directory that sf-hook-template.txt was located in.

Search for this:

	  function sf_hook_post_save($newpost, $action)

Add this code right after that. The 25 is for how many points a new forum topic is worth and 5 is for a new reply in a existing topic.

	    global $current_user;
	     if ($action=="topic") {
	     	     cp_points('cp_spf_new_topic', cp_currentUser(), get_option('cp_spf_new_topic'), "");
	     if ($action=="post") {
	     	     cp_points('cp_spf_new_reply', cp_currentUser(), get_option('cp_spf_new_reply'), "");

Last step is saving extendcb.txt and renaming it as extendcb.php and placing it in this folder.


Then activate the module from the CubePoints Modules Page.

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CubePoints Buddypress Integration | WordPress Plugin


Adds CubePoints support to Buddypress! Reward members using your BuddyPress portion of your website by giving them points!

**IMPORTANT** You will need to install CubePoints first.

Here is what you can get points for. You can change these values or disable them in the BP CubePoints admin menu.

  • Group Creation
  • Group Deletion
  • Joining a Group
  • Leaving a Group
  • Updates/Replies
  • If a user deletes their own update/reply
  • Completed Friend Request
  • Canceled Friendship
  • New Group Forum Topic
  • Group Forum Post
  • Uploading Avatar
  • Sending a Message

Other BuddyPress Plugin Support

Adds CubePoints to the BuddyPress Profile

It shows the points the member has earned. Donate link and rank with image (if enabled).

Public Points Log

You can view the points you have earned right from your BuddyPress profile. Or view the logs of others on your BuddyPress site.

There is also a Sitewide Points log that displays the points everyone has earned.
Pagination is available on the personal Points Logs.

Point Blocker!

You can enter in the User ID(s) of people that abuse the system just to earn points. After they are blocked, they will not be able to earn any points on the BuddyPress portion of your website.

Download it here

Join the “CubePoints Buddypress Integration” group here


1. Upload the contents of `` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
2. Activate “CubePoints Buddypress Integration” Plugin
3. Modify the point values if you wish in the `/wp-content/plugins/cubepoints-buddypress-integration/cubepointsBP.php` file.

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